Activated Charcoal (coconut)


Toxins from low-quality, processed food, and environmental pollution sap your energy and contribute to brain fog and digestive issues. Chronic exposure to toxins causes cellular damage, allergic reactions, compromised immunity, and rapid aging. After digesting foods like beans, the decomposition process from bacteria in your body creates byproducts like gas or diarrhea. Activated charcoal enters the digestive tract and counteract this process by bonding and easing the digestive tract.
Regular use of activated charcoal can remove unwanted toxins from your body, leaving you feeling renewed and more vibrant, often in minutes.
*Relieves digestive issues, gas, and bloating
*Binds drugs, chemical, and poisons from the body
*Assists with weight loss
*Assists with filtering waste from kidneys
*Great at chelating heavy medals(exp lead, mercury, aluminum, arsenic, iron and copper out the body for better cell function

Take 2-4 capsules daily 4 hours before eating or 4 hours after. Don't take with other medication charcoal may bind your medication out or may interfere with absorption

90ct vegegterian capsules

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