Simmons Natural Blends Starter pack (Colon detox/charcoal detox/ Super nutrtion pack/)


This is a highly suggested combination it's a great starter pack for taking back over your health. Starting with correcting gut issues, nourishing the gut for better nutrition absorbent and promote better digestion.

The colon detox will jump start the process by helping get rid of waste and toxins in the colon to relieve constipation by pushing threw old undigested fermented food trapped in the colon causing gas, bloating and many health issues. Due to improper eating habits which accumulate and adds up to unwanted pounds of waste over the years . When the colon is clean and healthy every organ in your body will benefits.

The natural green blend this has 14 super foods. with 2-3 teaspoon added to any beverage or smoothie a day or 2-3 capsules you'll be provided with a full day of vitamins and nutrients that your body require from your green vegetables. It also has fiber from the vegetables and add vitamins and minerals the body require.

Sea moss and bladderwracks provides your body 92 of the 108 minerals your body

Adding Activated Charcoal to this process will promote a deeper detoxing effect.
*Relieves digestive issues, gas, and bloating
*Binds drugs, chemical, and poisons from the body
*Assists with weight loss
*Assists with filtering waste from kidneys
*Great at chelating heavy medals(exp lead, mercury, aluminum, arsenic, iron and copper out the body for better cell function