Simmons Natural Blends Green Super Food Blend

$15.50 - $25.00

Simmons Natural Blends green superfood is a mixture of 14 potent plants concentrated into a complete green supplement . This green super food blend is loaded with all your minerals, vitamins and enzymes mandatory for optimal health .Each serving is packed with chlorella and spirulina two of the most nutritious foods on earth both are complete proteins in addition it adds calcium, potassium, chlorophyll, magnesium, zinc, copper and iron plus much more great for nutrient deficiency.

One teaspoon in a smoothie, beverage or take 2 capsules a day to get your daily recommendation of nutrition from your green vegetables.

This green blend is also suggested for digestive health for it high fiber content from green vegetables which will promote regular bowel movement and better absorption of nutrients in the digestive tract.

Ingredients: organic barley grass, organic wheat grass, organic spirulina, organic alfalfa leaf, organic moringa leaf, organic kelp, organic orange peel, organic beet root, organic dandelion leaf, organic spinach leaf, organic chlorella, organic wheat grass juice, organic duluse leaf, and lemon peel

60 capsules or powder 4oz

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