Simmons's Natural blends Candida (yeast)/Parasite cleanse


As yeast, Candida enjoys a diet rich in sugar. Absolutely anything in your diet that contains sugar will satisfy its lust and feed its reproduction. Generally diets that contain a substantial amount of sugar also lack proper nutrition.
To get them out your body, you must fight them with herbs that kill parasites. Once parasites get inside your body, they will stay there, living off the foods and nutrients you eat.
When parasites finish consuming your nutrients in your body, they release dangerous toxins. The toxins cause health problems you may be experiencing, such as Candida, acne, or IBS, leaky gut, sluggish, cramping and bloating

Candida/parasite: red raspberry leaf, pay dark, black walnut hull, wormwood, cloves, garlic
90 capsules

Take 3 capsules daily for cleanse take consistently for best benefits.
drink plenty of water 64oz -1gallon of spring water for best results eat a vegetables and fruit diet while cleansing (while on the cleanse a meat free diet produces best results) 90 days max.

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