Simmons's natural blends Colon cleanse


Simmons's Natural Blends Colon Cleanse is the first phase in the full body cleaning process eliminating waste and toxins in the colon. Bad colon health is a colon backed up with undigested food fermented food improper eating habits which adds up over time and become unwanted pounds of waste sitting in your colon. Bad colon health leads to digestive issues and other avoidable health issues. when the colon is clean and healthy the entire body can benefit and promote better all around health.

Ingredients: Dandelion root, licorice root, milk thistle, yellow dock root, peppermint leaf, Black walnut hull, cascara sagrado

Take 3 capsules daily for cleanse take consistently for best benefits. drink plenty of water 64oz -1gallon of spring water for best results eat a vegetables and fruit diet while cleansing (while on the cleanse a meat free diet produces best results)

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