Simmons's Natural blends Kidney/Adrenal glad cleanse


This Powerful Kidneys and Adrenal Cleanse contain the best herbs to help all adverse conditions of the urinary tract, mainly the kidneys and bladder. Promotes healthy flow within urinary tract, and strengthens the adrenals glands.
Ingredients: junpiter berry, basil leaf, celery seed, nettle leaf, horsetail, parsley leaf,cleavers leaf, foti root, tribulus fruit, devils claw root

Take 3 capsules daily for cleanse take consistently for best benefits. Drink atleast 64oz-1gallon of spring water for best results eat vegetables and fruit diet (while cleansing a meat free diet produces best results)

We recommend that you do not take herbs and pharmaceutical drugs/medications at the same time, due to possible harmful interaction and adverse reactions.

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